Game Masters


Your game must:

  • Be a commercially available system/game (not your own).
  • Be 3-4 hours long (or spit between 2 game masters for 2 hours each).
  • Be for 4-6 players.
  • Be played at a table (no LARP tho LARP is cool).

Our mission is to create a kind, inclusive setting where a wide variety of game masters and players can interact. We will try our hardest to do this fairly. We also would love game masters to run games that people want to play. We do love esoteric weird stuff, but we also want this to be fun for a lot of different age groups and tastes.

If your game has adult themes, let us know. Use X card rules so players feel comfortable and safe.

You will get two 30x30" tables to put together or one poker table. You have to bring everything you need to run your game, obviously.


Contact Justin Sirois if you have any questions.