Game Sign Up and Schedule

Please email Jimmy at jamesbonner81 at gmail dot com if you are interested in running a game during one of the three times slots. You don't have to take up the entire time slot / you can also share a time slot with someone and play 2 short games. 

You have to run a published game (not something you created). Time slots are:

Saturday from 11am - 2pm (three hours long)
Saturday from 3pm - 7pm (four hours long)
Sunday from 3pm - 6pm (three hours long)

There are only five slot available per session (fifteen total game sessions for the weekend).

Send Jimmy a brief synopsis of the game you want to run, an image or 2 of the game, and your contact info. If you are chosen, we will post your game on the site here with your email address so players can get a hold of you.


Keep in mind, this is a family friendly event, but you can run dark/violent games. We just need to let players know upfront what they are getting into. Be kind, be inclusive, and don't offend anyone. We are running an event where everyone is welcome.